10 Most Expensive Tax Mistakes That Cost Real Estate Agents Thousands

10 Most Expensive Tax Mistakes That Cost Real Estate Agents ThousandsAre you satisfied with the amount of taxes you pay? Are you confident that you’re taking advantage of every available tax break? But most of all, is your tax preparer giving you proactive advice to save on your taxes?

The bad news is that you probably do pay too much tax and you’re probably not taking advantage of every tax break. And most preparers do a poor job of actually saving Continue Reading →

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Tenant Screening – Step By Step

Tenant Screening - Step By StepIf you are an investor that owns apartment buildings or a property manager, you know the importance of tenant screening. Tenant selection is one of the most essential activities in owning and managing apartments.

In this article, I want to go over How To Do Tenant Screening – Step By Step. Please note that this is for informational purposes only – and laws vary from state to state Continue Reading →

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Home Inspections and a Saggy House

Home Inspections and a Saggy HouseWhen you have a home inspected, your inspector will look at the structures and systems that make the house what it is. Naturally, he’ll look at the wood structures, like floors, walls, doors and windows.

There are four things that can cause wood structure problems. They are: 1) Deflection and warping, 2) Fungal and insect attack, 3) Fire, and 4) Connection failure and improper alteration. Continue Reading →

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Why You Need Real Estate Agents For Buying Or Selling Property

Why You Need Real Estate Agents For Buying Or Selling PropertyTransacting real estate is probably the most complicated business process in the world today. An individual, like you and me, who is not normally devoted to this kind of work will not have all the tools he needs to conclude any deal, whether it be purchasing or selling a house, satisfactorily. What are these tools?

You need their Theoretical Knowledge and Practical Experience

Buying and selling Continue Reading →

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Willing a Market to Recovery

Willing a Market to RecoveryI find it very intriguing that there are many listings in the South Bay real estate market that are clearly priced well above current market rates. This has been the subject of many articles and yet it still fascinates me how frequently it occurs. In the South Bay region of Los Angeles, the median sales prices of 2009 were fairly consistent with late 2004. This has been pretty well Continue Reading →

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Dallas Commercial Real Estate Market Does A Rebound

Dallas Commercial Real Estate Market Does A ReboundDallas City in Texas continues to experience steady growth in its real estate industry notably on the commercial side. This is not really a wonder as Dallas is a large city which accommodates several huge industries consisting of the petroleum, transportation, banking, information technology and telecommunications sectors. But despite the growing economy, Dallas remains Continue Reading →

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Wildwood Homes – Beach Properties

Wildwood Homes - Beach PropertiesHave you ever thought of purchasing a home in North Wildwood, New Jersey but you have not decided on it yet? If you haven’t, act now and do not let others take that house near the Jersey shore. Comparisons about the rates have been done and this year is the lowest by far in its history. World economy has been so unstable lately that it greatly affects the monetary value of houses Continue Reading →

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The Cost of Living in Mexico – Low Utility Costs in Yucatan

The Cost of Living in Mexico - Low Utility Costs in YucatanWhile it is generally known that the cost of living in Mexico is considerably lower than in countries like the United States or Canada, it also valuable to have some more specific information about how these costs. If you choose to buy Yucatan real estate, in the colonial city of Merida or one of the nearby beachfront towns, one area you will see savings are in your monthly Continue Reading →

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